Against the wind

Fourteen heroic walkers braved bitter winds to do a 7 kilometre circuit in Faraday for FOBIF’s July walk on Sunday. The walk covered a section of the Coliban water race and adjacent lanes. Features included some magnificent Candlebarks and a large population of Narrow-leaved Peppermints, as well as cultural heritage in the form of interesting granite structures from the 19th century race.

Candlebarks along Burgoyne’s Lane, Faraday: vegetation corridors like this offer a sometimes provocative contrast to the surrounding paddocks.

Noel Young took the photos above. Click on each to enlarge.

August’s walk will be led by Richard Piesse through the Poverty Gully area. Check the walks section of this site for details.

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2 Responses to Against the wind

  1. Pam says:

    I wish I’d gone on the walk. The photos look fantastic. I had hot water probs. &

    did want to go without a shower.

  2. Chris Hooper says:

    Looks great. Would’ve loved to have gone but…..hope you have it again next year.

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