Winter reading

OK, it’s cold, and maybe not wet enough. Some quality reading to brighten a winter evening: the June newsletter of our neighbours, Wombat Forestcare, available online here.

Narrow leaf bitter pea, Castlemaine Botanic Gardens, Spring 2013. There are three Daviesia species in the Mount Alexander region.

This edition has the usual terrific info on fungi, the case against logging the Wombat and [among other things], ┬áthe third article in John Walter’s series on ‘egg and bacon’ plants. This one is on three species of Daviesia found in the Wombat: Hop Bitter Pea, Narrow Leaf Bitter Pea and Gorse Bitter Pea. All three can be found in the Mount Alexander region too. If you [like many of us] are frustrated by the difficulty of telling the difference between pea plants, you should find this article pretty useful.

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