Fire: business as usual, for the moment

The State Government is still considering the recommendation by the Inspector General of Emergency Management that the ‘five per cent target’ be replaced by a risk management system. In his response to FOBIF’s fire submission [see above] Andrew Koren made it clear that until the Government makes a decision on the matter, DELWP is running business as usual:

‘The review conducted by Inspector General of Emergency Management ( IGEM) could result in possible changes to DELWP’s fuel management targets and delivery of the program. Any changes that result from IGEM will not be decided upon until later this year. Prior to this, DELWP will continue its operational planning for the 2015/16 financial year under the current target and program. Any changes to the fuel management policy, and targets and resulting operational changes won’t be reflected in the FOPs until 2016/17.

‘Each year of the 2015/16 – 2017/2018 plan contains a planned area of at least 300,000 hectares. This is in excess of the 2015/16 delivery target of 275,000 hectares. This is to allow DELWP flexibility across the state for seasonal weather and fuel conditions. The Murray-Goldfields target for the three years of the FOP is 11,285 hectares. This is a reduction from our previous target of 14,000 hectares.’

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