Brochure check [2]: Coalition 4, Labor 1, Greens 1, Environment 0

We’ve received three more brochures telling us what’s in store if we make the ‘right’ decision on election day.

The first is another glossy from the Coalition, with lots of promises under five main headlines. Still no mention of the environment though.

The second is a newsletter from Maree Edwards MP, also glossy, outlining nine major Labor commitments. Also, no mention of the environment. [Labor’s platform can be found here. The section on land management is on pages 83-5.]

More surprisingly, a modest leaflet from the Greens promises to stand up for public schools, trains and buses, new jobs–and integrity. But no mention of the environment. A selection of the Greens’ policies on this can be found here and here.

The major parties all have policies on the environment. The message from their brochure war, however, is that it doesn’t feature as a central concern in this election.

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