Scaling the ‘mini Monk of Muckleford’

It was a glorious, warm, sunny day when FOBIF walkers took off from the poppet head mine in the Muckleford State Forest and Muckleford Conservation Reserve for the September walk. The mine has now been opened up so that you can stand on top of the grate and look down into the drop below. DEPI is in the middle of completing an information sign board.

The group meandered through the ironbarks, up to the ‘mini monk of Muckleford’ to have a break. Floral displays included plenty of gorse bitter pea, pink bells, pink fingers, wax lip orchids, common beard heath, and erect guinea flower. The lunch break featured the company of a well-put-upon shingleback, who was trying to get some rest in the sun.
We’re sorry we missed the climate change rally, but we were busy engaging with the Muckleford forest.

The following photos were taken by Noel Young. Click to enlarge.

More observations on the walk from Noel

Flowering plants:
Gold dust Wattle (Common and widespread). Downy Grevillea, Gorse Bitter-pea (flowering profusely in some valleys), Yam Daisy, Guinea flower, Rice flower, Pink Bells, Groundsel, Chocolate Lily (one early flowering sample)

Purple Waxlip, Pink Fingers, Blue Fingers, Musky Hood (one found)

Birds – generally sparse in the dry bush
Rufous Whistler  several
White-throated Tree-creeper
Striated Pardalote
Spotted Pardalote
Thornbill sp.

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