Daylesford Nature Diary launched

nature-diary-coverOn September 29 a  new publication, Daylesford Nature Diary: six seasons in the foothill forests, was launched before a large gathering in Daylesford. The author, Tanya Loos, is a naturalist and journalist and the diary includes many of her monthly nature columns published in the Hepburn paper, The Advocate.

A special feature of the diary is the arrangement of the articles in a six seasonal context. Tanya writes that she was ‘inspired by a calendar format that moves away from the traditional four seasons and into a multi season format that more accurately reflects the Australian experience.’ In her introduction, she discusses the connections with Indigenous weather knowledge.


Sample page. Click to enlarge.

 This incredibly attractive publication is illustrated throughout with watercolours by Anne Maxon. Although the diary is based on the Wombat Forest region, it includes photographs of least 3 photographers from our region. The cover folds out into a poster of the Wombat Forest Calender.


For further information contact Tanya on 0400 458 910. To find out more about the diary and/or to place an order have a look at the publisher’s website.

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