Fire Operations: how much information?

FOBIF and other groups have been invited to an information session in Bendigo on July 15 on the upcoming Fire Operations Plan.

We have accepted the invitation, but have asked that the meeting specifically address how past monitoring and research have influenced fire managers’ practice in management burns. This would be consistent with the Department’s Code of Practice, which stipulates that

‘The Department will aim to continually learn from and improve its practices and

acknowledges that a range of parties are interested in this…

‘The Department will make publicly accessible information about:

— the performance of its bushfire management actions, and the status of achievements of strategies and objectives

–information gained from monitoring and evaluation activities

— how well bushfire management actions and strategies are achieving the two primary objectives for bushfire management on public land.

‘Information from monitoring and evaluation will be made available in ways that

increases the capacity to interpret the information and apply it to their local

situation.’ [page 31]

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