A Spectacular Orchid

Three FOBIF members recently went to Old Coach Road in the Fryers Ranges to have a look at the Giant Sun Orchid Thelymitra aristata. In contrast to our normal small orchids this one was 81 cm (32 in)  and can apparently reach a metre in some areas. Local flora expert, Ern Perkins commented that these orchids were not often seen during the drought but in the last two years quite a few have been sighted.

Giant Sun Orchid. Old Coach Road. Photos by Bronwyn Silver

Noel Young has sent us the three beautiful orchid images below which were taken recently in Sinclairs Lane, Walmer: Purplish Bearded Orchid Calochilus robertsonii, Pink Fingers Petalochilus fuscatus and Rabbit Ears Thelymitra antennifera.

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