Garden birds around Castlemaine

Damian Kelly was the guest speaker at the FOBIF AGM in August. His presentation was about observing local birds in our gardens and he included many excellent photos, including the three below, of birds from his Lyttleton Street garden. Damian has written the text that accompanies these photos.

Rufous Whistler and White-naped Honeyeater. Photo by Damian Kelly

Many gardens in Castlemaine have a variety of wildlife, with birds often being the most visible. One very useful thing you do in your garden to encourage birds is add a shallow bowl of water and keep it fresh. In the warmer weather you will be rewarded with views of a variety of birds. The above two species are quite common in our area and can be seen sharing a bowl in our garden. The Rufous Whistler has a melodious call and will polish off a lot of insects around the garden. The White-naped Honeyeater is more of a nectar feeder and will be attracted to a variety of flowering plants as well as snacking on insects when available.

Bronzewing Pigeon. Photo by Damian Kelly

Above is a Bronzewing Pigeon also enjoying a pool in the garden. Although generally a seed eater, Bronzewings can be seen around Castlemaine. They tend to be a bit more secretive, spending more time in sheltered locations. But again, the provision of water will always attract them to your garden.

Eastern Spinebill. Photo by Damian Kelly

The Eastern Spinebill is a remarkable flier, able to hover to take nectar from flowers. They are not fussy about the type of flower, happily feeding on natives or introduced plants – in this case a salvia.

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