Looking after a Yellow Box

As part of National Tree Day on the morning of 29 July, 15 volunteers planted 240 indigenous plants under the ancient Yellow Box tree at Chewton. Low plants, ground covers and shrubs were planted under the tree and larger shrubs including Rough, Hedge and Golden Wattles and Bushy Needlewoods were planted further away. A grant from Mount Alexander Shire was used to buy these plants from Frances Cincotta of Newstead Natives.

Although the main effort was put into planting, people also removed small bridal creeper plants that had survived last year’s eradication work by FOBIF. A few days after the planting several FOBIF members attacked the infestation of gorse on the bank between the Yellow Box tree and the Great Dividing Trail. We are hoping that future walkers will be able to enjoy this beautiful spot without being confronted with masses of gorse and bridal creeper. As well the understorey plants will promote the health of this magnificent tree.

Alex enthusiastically attacking the gorse.


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