Fire Operations Plans: have a look!

Draft fire operations plans are now out. DSE proposes three burns in the Muckleford forest, two major burns in the vicinity of Tarilta Creek and Middleton Creek, and several burns closer to Castlemaine township, including Kalimna Park. Details can be found on the DSE website, as follows:

1. Mapshare interactive map – Fireplan

This is a sophisticated mapping interface where you can turn different layers (spatial information) on and off to view.

2. Proposed Fire Operations Plans

This is a simplified interactive mapping interface where you can zoom to different areas and view the proposed FOP which is now open for comment. This provides some information about which year the different burns are planned for.

Further information at the bottom of the web page for link 2 provides downloadable maps and spreadsheets for proposed burns in each fire district. We are in North West Murray Goldfields. [Our thanks to Richard Goonan for this technical info].

FOBIF has drafted a response to the plan, which is printed below. Given that objecting to a proposed burn would simply cause DSE to go and burn another area [because of the politically dictated rigid five per cent target], we have not objected to any of the burns, but are concentrating on getting fire managers to implement the Code of Practice and moderate the environmental effects of the program.

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