Another proposal for a housing estate next to Kalimna

The Mount Alexander Council is considering a proposal for a 39 lot housing estate on the mainly cleared land on the eastern side of Kalimna Park. The developer is Mr Ron Rice who has made many development proposals for Happy Valley over the last 15 years. The current proposal is for the Hundredweight Hill area which is situated at the dog-leg in Happy Valley Rd and takes in the 25 ha of land up to the National Heritage Park.
FOBIF has previously expressed its concern about the damage that would be done to Kalimna Park by introducing such a large number of new residents next to the park (more roaming dogs and cats, trail bikes, dumping of rubbish, garden plant escapes, etc). Following the experiences of Black Saturday and because the housing estate is in such a dangerous position there could also be the need for a large Asset Protection Zone in Kalimna Park which will be continually burnt to protect the new residents.
The present situation is that the DSE has rejected the current subdivision design and a new one will have to be submitted.
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