Nature Conservation Reserves

Over a dozen Field Naturalists braved the cold last Saturday during a 2 hour visit to the Walmer South Nature Conservation Reserve. This was the first of a series of excursions to collect information on the ecological values and environmental condition of 17 small reserves in the local area. The project  has been developed by Chris Morris.

The Walmer Reserve is approximately 10 hectares. Some features noted by the walkers were the large number of yellow gums, the predominance of coppiced trees, the lack of tree hollows and the virtual absence of weeds. Plants identified included Chocolate Lillies, Slender Dodder-Laurel, Spreading and Gold-dust Wattles, Trailing Speedwell and Sweet Bursaria. It was clear that orchids will be in abundance over the next few months.

The highlight of the visit was sighting 4 Flame Robins. Kangaroos were also seen and there was evidence of echidna activity.

For information on future trips, see the Castlemaine Field Naturalist’s website.

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