Is is a bird? No, it’s a plane

Views can be a wonderful experience, but a double edged one: a house may offer a magnificent view of a nearby hill, but a person sitting on that hill may not be pleased by having to look at the house in question.

Aeroplanes offer magnificent views: but people on the ground who have to put up with their intrusiveness and noise possibly won’t be impressed that the passengers in the sky are getting ‘the experience of a lifetime’, as one helicopter company describes its scenic flights over the Port Campbell National Park.

The Strathbogie Shire is facing a different version of this problem, in relation to the largest tract of Box Ironbark bushland in Victoria. Skydive Nagambie, which claims to be ‘Australia’s premier skydiving company’, is proposing to set up an airfield 3 km from the Heathcote-Graytown National Park, in the vicinity of Mount Black.

It’s hard to believe that planes would be dropping parachutists over the park, to fall into trees: but the prospect of up to 20 flights a day on up to 215 days in the year even close to the park is not impressing some local naturalists. Objections to the application have been made by the Trust for Nature and local environmentalists. For more info, the Strathbogie Shire website is at, and local objectors can be contacted via

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