Touch base with the changing world

The blogroll on the right of this page is an indicator of the intense local interest in happenings in the natural world. We would be the first to admit that you can spend too much time in front of a screen, but strongly recommend regular visits to these sites.

The following are recent highlights of local nature blogs:

The Castlemaine Field Naturalists have a detailed list of local species, organised in clear groupings, and with excellent photos attached: it’s a great way of checking plant ID.

The highlight of the Connecting Country website this year has been the Nest Box project report, with terrific ‘at home’ phascogale and sugar glider photos.

The Natural Newstead site is the nearest our region has to a detailed online nature diary, and is packed with interesting info on bird life and seasonal change. It has had a detailed and fascinating coverage of the new life in the Moloort swamps this year, including pics of local brolgas.

The Muckleford Landcare website has a very good collection of photos of FOBIF’s excursion into the ‘legendary’ Muckleford Gorge, as well as reports on revegetation along the Maldon railway line.

One of the smallest reserves in our region is the Walmer South Conservation Reserve—but it has its own website tracking subtle seasonal changes in the reserve via excellent pics. Recent posts include photos of moss growth on old shoes!


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