Forests: nature at your service

Local environment groups will mark World Environment Day this year with an ‘expo’ in the Castlemaine Market building on Sunday June 5 between 10 am  and noon. This is the same day as the Castlemaine Farmers market.

The theme of the displays will be ‘Forests: nature at your service’–the idea that biodiversity is, so to speak, not just a pretty face: it is what underpins our lives. The point is made by Edward O Wilson like this:

‘Recent experimental studies on whole ecosystems support what ecologists have long suspected: The more species that live in an ecosystem, the higher is the productivity and the greater its ability to withstand drought and other kinds of environmental stress.’

FOBIF will be running a display on the day. Members interested in putting in a short time on a table should contact us at the usual addresses.

The Mayor, Cr Janet Cropley, will launch the Shire’s Environment Strategy in the course of the morning.

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