Muckleford Gorge: a privileged excursion

The May FOBIF walk organised by Deirdre Slattery was through the magnificent Muckleford Gorge on Ian Garsed’s property.  Ian has excluded the gorge from grazing under the Bush Tender system–a good example of what VEAC  has recommended for conservation on private land [see above]

Walking through the gorge, May 19

Everyone on the walk acknowledged how special it was for Ian to allow us access to the gorge to see its natural beauty – the geology coupled with the flora and fauna was fascinating.  It was a very popular event with 55 people attending and an age range from six to the seventies.   Ian gave us an informative overview of the property before we started the walk and also answered questions at the end.  The day was interspersed with people asking questions of those they thought would have some knowledge so there were many conversations based on these questions with other information being added as we walked.

More photos of the Gorge and a detailed description of the walk can be found on the Muckleford Landcare website.

The next walk is on June 19 in the Castlemaine Diggings NHP: check the program for details.

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