June ‘short walk’: Leisurely amble

Another strong group undertook a 6 kilometre walk which began on the Old Coach Road and then followed a loop from Rilen Track in the Fryers Ridge Nature Conservation Reserve.  The emphasis was on observation and identification with Frances Cincotta providing an expert commentary on the enormous diversity of plants. The highlight of the walk was Frances producing a small saw with which she proceeded to remove an introduced Ovens Wattle.

Thanks to Liz Martin for the above photos and Frances, Mike and Bronwyn for planning the walk. 

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  1. We saw 11 of the 18 local Acacias featured in FOBIF’s book, “Wattles of the Mount Alexander Region” namely Acacia acinacea, A. aculeatissima, A. aspera, A. dealbata, A. genistifolia (flowering), A. gunnii, A. lanigera (flowering), A. mearnsii, A. mitchellii, A. paradoxa (flowering way too early), and A. provincialis!

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