Last FOBIF walk for the year

Twenty walkers in two groups set off last Sunday for a delightful walk along the Coliban Water Reserve in Kennedy’s Lane where the old Harcourt Channel runs through remnant wetland on the outskirts of the Chewton Bushlands.

The pace was leisurely with walkers enjoying the many wildflowers in open bird-rich forest among old river red-gums. After leaving the Reserve walkers followed several Chewton Bushland tracks with even more wildflowers. Highlights included finding an uncommon native pea for our area, Creeping Bossiaea Bossiaea prostrata, an unexpected climbing Hill Flat-pea Platylobium montanum and a wonderful display of Hoary Sunray Leucochrysum albicans var. albicans at Antoinette’s home where one group had lunch.

Thanks to Antoinette Birkenbeil and Karen Baker for leading the walks and all the people who sent in their photos to FOBIF. Our next walk will be in March 2020 and new walk’s program will be distributed in January.

If you missed out this walk you might be interested in a wildflower walk in Chewton next Sunday on the track between Railway Street and White Gum Track also led by Karen and Antoinette. The walk starts at 11am. Contact Antoinette for more details:

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2 Responses to Last FOBIF walk for the year

  1. Jill Loorham says:

    Hello. I have in the past been a member of fobif but have somehow lost contact. I am keen to resume my involvement in the walks.

  2. Fobif says:

    Hi Jill
    The 2021 walks program will be mailed out to members in January and posted on the fobif website soon after this. The first walk will be on the third Sunday in March 2021. All welcome unless of course there are government regulations in place restricting gatherings to a limited number of people.

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