More on October walk with FOBIF

Twenty people have registered for our October FOBIF walk. This is the maximum number of people we can have in two walking groups with current regulations. There maybe some people who end up withdrawing so still let us know if you are interested and we can put you on a reserve list.

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2 Responses to More on October walk with FOBIF

  1. Pam. says:

    I’d like to go on the October walk too.

    However, I obviously can’t. Therefore please register me for the November walk,

    and any Christmas party, like usually use to occur at Bronwyn Silver’s house in Muckleford.

  2. Pam Connell says:

    I don’t remember saying obviously I can’t.
    I merely expressed interest in joining the walk.
    That’s ok please put me on the November walk wish list.
    Thanks, pam

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