Kalimna burn plans

The map below shows DELWP’s intention to burn a significant section of Kalimna Park on the town side of the tourist road this autumn. The lower red section is bordered on the south by Doveton street track. The small white circle is the Hunter Street water tank. The golf course lies between the two red sections.


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* In red is where planned burning will take place this Autumn 2017.
* The orange and pink circles will be target by mulching (either Gorse or Broom bush) and
* Tourist Park Rd and the track around Parker St may have mulching applied to assist in track/access maintenance.
No burning will occur to the eastern [Happy Valley] side of Tourist park drive. DELWP  is working through removing the Pines near the rotunda.

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2 Responses to Kalimna burn plans

  1. Jill says:

    Since when is the eastern side of a town a major fire threat? Maybe you could see if they’ll do an experiment; leave it alone – encourage healthy biodiversity and see how much more effective some natural composting is with small digging mammals, scratching birds, fungi, insects and leaf eating grubs etc etc…

  2. Simon Brown says:

    Hi Jill,

    As you are aware, I have invested a lot of time, over several years, into consultation with many stakeholders from both sides of the fence regarding this burn. I can confirm with you I have done everything within my means to ensure it has the least impact on this area as possible. This includes but is not limited to, removing other scheduled burns in the area, excluding known Eltham Copper Butterfly sites and mulching areas targeting weed infestation, which is predominantly the culprit in contributing to the overall fuel hazard (e.g.Parker St).

    The answer to your question “when is the eastern side of a town a major fire threat?” your understanding of fire behaviour is correct, however in this instance our local fire experts, supported by our risk modelling technology, clearly shows the purpose of this burn is to reduce the impact of fire to the SW of Kalimna Park. Given the terrain slopes up to the tourist road, a fire that occurs on a high fire danger day could easily spot to one kilometre, which creates a major fire risk for places like Forest Creek & Chewton.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like further information on this or any fire matter.

    Simon Brown – DELWP Senior Forest Fire Management Officer


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