Artists respond to local environment and cultural history


Black-fronted Dotterel. Photo by Geoff Park. See below for details of Geoff’s photos at Spadeworks in Newstead.

There are a number of local nature and history-based exhibitions as well as a ‘Trees of Significance’ tour that FOBIF members and subscribers might like to view or take part in during this year’s festival period (March 13-22). The information here comes from the Castlemaine State Festival catalogue, the Fringe Events program and the Open Studios in Newstead flyer. There may be some relevant shows we have missed. If so, let us know.

1. Solar Mining
Artist: Yutaka Kobayashi (Festival Program p.59)
Kobayash is a Japanese environmental artist. This exhibition is an ‘ecological installation that draws on the unique cultural heritage of the Castlmaine Diggings, the toll of diggers past and the finite resource: gold.’

2. Unsettled
Artists: Susan Donisthorpe, Frank Veldze, Kate Osborne (Festival Program, p.61)
Set in the Pennyweight Children’s Cemetery this is a sight specific sound and light installation, projected onto a replica of a traditional gold miner’s hut made entirely from mattress wire.

3. Sun Studio 
Artist: Michelle Culpitt (Festival Program, p.71)
Anthotype photograms made at an old gold mine in the Chewton Bushlands.

4. Jaara Country – You’re Standing in it
Artist: Eliza Tree (Festival Program, p.91)
Remembering the Indigenous cultural landscape before the gold rush.

5. Bob’s Paddock
Michael Wolfe (Festival Program, p.93)
‘… rolling hills, granite outcrops, rhythms, textures and colours.’

6. Trees of significance
Tour leader: Morgan Kurranjong (Fringe Events Program, p.6)
A tour of selection of trees of cultural significance in the shire, including a pre gold rush survey tree, the goal tree, canoe trees and scar trees.  Wed 18 March 9-1pm. You will need to book:  0409804183,

6. Geoff Park
Bird photography at Spadeworks

7. Chris Johnston
Landforms (ceramics) at Newstead Open Studios

8. Bronwyn Silver
Nature photography at Newstead Open Studios

9. Ros Bandt, Marion Williams & Liz Walker
A room full of sound sculpture and photography by artists interpreting Fryerstown magpies. Ros Bandt sound, Marion Williams photography, Liz Walker Sculpture. Open 11-5 Sat & Sun throughout March, old Fryerstown School, Fryerstown.

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  1. ros bandt says:

    A room full of sound sculpture and photography by artists interpreting Fryerstown magpies. Ros Bandt sound Marion Williams photography Liz Walker Sculpture http://www.hearingplaces/news
    Birdsong CDs for sale at the Tate gallery Fryerstown school the next two weekends.

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