Sustainability and Environment Round Table

Mount Alexander Shire Council held its first Sustainability and Environment Round Table at the Council Chambers on Thursday March 6th.  Relevant stakeholder representatives were invited and about 40 people came along to discuss the Terms of Reference that had been circulated prior to the roundtable – the light refreshments provide by CAKE certainly helped to start the conversations going.

The invitation included the comment that ‘the roundtable is to act as a catalyst in achieving positive and tangible change for our natural and built environments.’

Councillors Christine Henderson and Jess Howard set the scene and the session was facilitated by Russell Fisher.  Christine asked each person to tell the group about their wish (money and regulations aside) for the future which was an insightful as well as entertaining way of everyone getting a picture of who was at the roundtable and why they were there.

When the conversation went on to the possible terms of reference there appeared to be two lines of thought – to be theme-based where there could be possible strategies and actions, or to be more a sharing of information and ideas.  Perhaps it should be a combination of both?

We are waiting for a report on the roundtable from the council staff but this event will start off many conversations in the community about how this roundtable will be managed into the future.

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