FOBIF walk in Sandon

View to the east. Mount Franklin can be seen in the distance. Photo by John Ellis

The July FOBIF walk was to Malcolm Fyffe’s property in Sandon. This was a much appreciated opportunity to visit a farming property with lush undulating pastures and spectacular views.

Malcolm gave running commentary on the history of the property. Glenwillow has been farmed by his family since the 1940s and after a career in teaching Malcolm took over management of the farm. Over the past few years assisted by Bush Tender funding he has been able to improve and rehabilitate the property by erecting fencing to keep out stock from existing vegetation and waterways. He has also worked on weed and pest control and undertaken strategic plantings.

Stand of Hedge Wattle. Photo by Noel Young

The differences in soil and rainfall in this area which is to the south of Castlemaine have resulted in comparatively vigorous growth on common local plants such as coffee bush and hedge wattle.

Finds of particular interest were unusual fungi including some that were pink and bright red and a Striped Greenhood Pterostylis striata. These plants and other scenes from the day can be viewed in the slideshow below. The photos were taken by Noel Young, John Ellis and Bronwyn Silver.

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