The sounds of spring, part 2

Black-faced Cuckoo Shrikes Coracina novaehollandiae are another arrival that have a loud and distinctive call. These birds can often be seen flying about or calling from high points, often on dead branches.

Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike. Newstead. Photo by Damian Kelly, 4 September 2011

A less common migrant, but one seen recently at Bells Swamp is the White-bellied Cuckoo ShrikeCoracina papuensis. Not common in the area, but around nevertheless. At first glance it looks a little like its relative, the Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike, but colouration and call are quite different.

White-bellied Cuckoo Shrike. Bells Swamp. Photo by Damian Kelly, 28 July 2011

In spring the call of the Rufous Whistler Pachycephala rufiventris can be heard throughout the forests. Quite a musical tone that is repeated regularly. The male has the distinctive colouration, whilst the female is more cryptically coloured.

Rufous Whistler. Kalimna Park. Photo by Damian Kelly 14 September 2011

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